Current members

  • Adam Kay is the co-organizer of the Stewardship Science Program,adam head shot Director of the Social Innovation Collaboratory, and Associate Professor in the Biology Department at the University of St. Thomas.


  • ChipChip Small is an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department and Environmental Science Program at the University of St. Thomas.  He is an ecosystem ecologist and biogeochemist.  He enjoys playing the mandolin and coaching 3 & 4 year-old basketball. 


  • KatherineKatherine Connelly recently graduated with degrees in Biology and Catholic Studies.  This summer she is doing independent research and conducting a city-wide survey looking at the nutrient management practices of urban gardens and farms throughout the Twin Cities. Her love for agriculture and the environment came from her father who was a farmer and had a passion for agriculture and the great outdoors. Her other interests include competitive badminton, good conversation, and finding ways to better herself in order to better the world.


  • KatieKatie Dennis is a senior pursuing a degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Biology.  She is passionate about environmental conservation and is interested in water quality studies and sustainable farming initiatives.  Earlier this summer she completed a conservation biology course in Borneo.


  • AlexAlex Guxman is a sophomore at the University of Puget Sound studying Chemistry and Mathematics. He is interested in investigating Green Chemistry to promote more sustainable and efficient chemical processes that occur in industries on a daily basis. As a high school student in 2015, he conducted aquaponics research in Dr. Small’s lab.


  • MeghanMegan Hay is a rising junior pursuing a Neuroscience major with English and Sustainability minors. Her interest in urban gardening was piqued when she took Biology of Sustainability her sophomore year. She enjoys hiking, especially where rough terrain is involved. Along with her passion for the environment, she is an avid reader and tabletop gamer.


  • AnnelieseAnneliese Johnson is a junior at the University of St. Thomas with a major in Biology and minor in Psychology. She is leading an experiment comparing different groundwater collection devices used in the Stewardship Garden experiments. Her long-term plan is medical school. In her spare time, she loves to sing and play piano, as well as spend time at the lake with her family.


  • Will Kreuser is a senior Biology major.  He is volunteering with the Willteamthissummer, helping out with various projects. He enjoys watching basketball, mixed martial arts, and spending time with family, close friends, dogs, and his niece/goddaughter Eden.


  • CariCari Monroe graduated this past May with a degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Psychology. She has a passion for environmental conservation and for social justice, and she believes that care of the earth and care for people should go hand and hand.


  • Sara Osborne is a senior at UST with a Biology major and a Psychology minor. This summer, she is performing an Independent Study investigating the fate of Saraphosphorus that leaches out of garden plots, measuring soil P levels in different aged plots at different depths.  Following graduation next Spring, she plans to go
    on to medical school and pursue a career as a physician. In her spare
  • time, she enjoys playing soccer, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.


  • CourtneyCourtney Pelissero is a rising senior at UST, double majoring in Environmental Science and Psychology and minoring in Sustainability. This summer she is leading a project in collaboration with Tiny Footprint Coffee and two community sites to evaluate the effectiveness of coffee chaff as mulch for urban agriculture. Her passions and interests involve environmental stewardship, sustainable food systems, and human-environment relations.


  • IMG_2030.JPGIsabelle Tjokrosetio is a rising sophomore at the University of St. Thomas majoring in Economics. Her interests are social issues such as education and climate change and she likes to jog and swim in her free time.


  • Breck teamDavid Ahrens, Cas Roland, and Christiana Wilke are students in the Advanced Science Research program at Breck School in Golden Valley.  They are working on a project that evaluates the effects that soil amendments, plants, and rainfall intensity have on phosphorus leachate.


Lab Alumni

  • Taylor Schuweiler (’16)
  • Haley Zimmerman (’16)
  • Sam Harvey (’16)
  • Jake Anderson (’16)
  • Acadia Stephan (’16)
  • Liam Coulter (’16)
  • Kristen Bastug (’15)
  • Hunter Gaitan (’15)
  • Carly Dent (’14)
  • Liz Scherber (’14)
  • Leann Luecke (’14)
  • Ryan Burke
  • Emma Button
  • Louise Messina
  • Stephanie Worden
  • Daniel Yang
  • Tyler Abrahamson (’13). Currently working for Our Community Food Projects
  • Aaron Hays
  • Ashela Richardson (’13)
  • Megan Sheridan
  • Quinn Wrenholt (’13). Currently working with the HECUA/Gandhi Mahal Urban Farm
  • Andy Van Alst (’11). Currently working on guppy evolution in Trinidad.

Collaborators and Community Partners

  • Kristen Klingler and Nora Hoeft (Minneapolis Health Department)
  • Kevin Hannigan (Fields of Joy)
  • Amanda Lovelee
  • Collie Graddick