Rabbits: The New Plague

A_lovely_tiny_little_rabbit_-_compare_with_the_leaves^^_-_at_Hoge_Erf_Schaarsbergen_in_springtime_-_panoramioYou can’t put a fence around everything. You just can’t. But what do you do when there are hordes of rabbits lurking until you turn your back, ready to devour everything you just planted? Those pesty creatures munched heartily on even Marigolds, my least favorite flower but the one I have always thought to be rabbit deterrents. It is a constant conversation brought up in our morning meetings, of what rabbits have eaten at each site, and what we can do about it.

Some might think they’re cute, and some even keep them as pets. But me, however, am filled with boiling anger when I see any around. Those dark, buggy eyes just staring and evaluating what part of the gardens they want to destroy next. The Purple Cone Flowers? Gone. The yummy peppers? Nibbled down. Even the marigolds! All they wanted to do was bite the flower off and leave the remains scattered around for everyone to see. It’s like they’re taunting me.

It has been my new personal mission to figure out a way to keep the rabbits at bay. Although I am sure there are lots of chemicals that would be effective, but who knows what those do to the environment—and the produce that we are eating. There seems to be lots of options of natural repellents, but the trick is to find one that actually works. Let us know if you have any suggestions, or tips of what we can do to keep the rabbits away.

We have gotten wind of some Japanese Beetles being found on some plants in the pollinator garden, so my title of “The New Plague” might have to be re-crowned to a different pest next month. Stay tuned.